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My mission

Welcome! My name is Ingrid Scheijven. In 2012 I started De Groeizaak. It’s my personal mission to enable you to create more success ánd happiness in your professional- ánd personal life. I combine management-, coachings- en (psycho)therapeutic knowledge and experience. Customers of the De Groeizaak value my service with a 9!


Personal Leadership

You want to makes choices based on your inner drives and your true north.  In a trajectory we create a process to help you find your direction. You will gain more self-knowledge, break with old habits and create new opportunities. Make an appointment and learn what I can offer you.

Personal Effectiveness

You are looking for a way to increase your impact and want to develop yourself. Learn about the coaching, workshops and trainings for high educated professionals. You can register today for a workshop and uncover your potential!

Management Development

You have a job where management skills are important. Maybe you work as a teamcoach, project-manager or director. My unique approach of personal and business coaching will allow you to boost your management talents to the next level. Make an appointment and learn all about it.

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The coaching has brought me a lot. Unlike previous trainings, which on rational plane I learned something, the coaching learned me skills on a deeper level. An inner development, with the result that I developed the confidence to position myself more firmly and thereby I increased my influence and impact.

Program manager


I am more able to “position” myself, that is to present myself, to make contact and leave a good impression with colleagues, customers and my boss.

Financial Analist


Ingrid has the rare combination of both bodytherapy and coaching and is also experienced in my field. She guided me in the process of letting go of my old job, finding a new one and starting succesfully in my new job. Thanks to the coaching I let go of old stress related patterns. Thanks to her guidance I was able to develop myself personally to the next level. She has given me practical models and tips. Really living through my personal themes and applying the knowledge helps me to stay focussed. In this way Ingrid has had a lasting positive impact on my life.

Project Manager

Health Institute

Through extensive experience and knowledge of the commercial- and the public sector, De Groeizaak knows the world of professionals from within. Organizations, professionals and managers who are looking for the best find in De Groeizaak a partner at the right level.